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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 15, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> the president getting ready to hold a news conference in a few hours. we'll get the details in a live report. how about this live look outside at the bay bridge on this friday, july 15th, this is "today in the bay." >> good morning everybody. thank you for being with us. i'm marla tellez in for laura. she's sleeping in on this friday morning. meteorologist christina loren she got up bright and early. has a look at the forecast. >> good morning to you. we're looking pretty good this morning. it's dark out there, it's hard to see that thick layer of clouds over the bay area. as we head throughout this afternoon, looks like the clouds are going to clear a little earlier than yesterday. that means temperatures will warm up and we'll warm up through the weekend. i've got the full forecast ready to go, the all important weekend around the corner now. that means the drive is on early. hey, mike. >> good morning.
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it is, and we expect the earlier slowing in spots, but not this. look at this. right in the middle of the screen that red zone, that's got to be false so. i calculated out the time, still 15 minutes out of the altamont pass to the dublin interchange. we'll look at oakland 880, this is a better idea of the volume. pretty light past the coliseum. the a's are playing the l.a. angels of anaheim, long name but hopefully a short game to the win for the oakland a's. it will be slow there. >> thanks, mike. the president will hold a news conference in a few hours, his second of the week. he's going to talk about how debt negotiations are going. "today in the bay's" kristen dahlgren has a preview. anything new? >> good morning, marla. yeah, every day brings new things. we're going to be hearing directly from the president as he takes it to the american people. he's also told lawmakers they get the day off today from the
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face-to-face talks but only have until saturday to come up with a plan to move forward. yesterday's talks described as civil. they focused mostly on taxes, republicans again standing firm on their pledge not to raise them. meantime, republicans and democratic leaders in the senate mitch mcconnell and harry reid are working on a backup plan. it's complex but would put it on the president's shoulders to raise the debt ceiling. it could give lawmakers a way to save face, put off the debate to 2013 but some republicans calling it a sellout to give the president that kind of power. reed says they are looking for a grander agreement but that this is one alternate that they are looking at. that is standard & poor's says it way downgrade the u.s. credit rating. the two sides are caucusing individually deciding what they are and aren't willing to do. they could meet again over the weekend. >> a lot to do. krist kristen, thank you. friends and family gather to remember a teenager found dead
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in her room after a sleep-over last weekend. memorial service for ta keepy rao will be held this afternoon. her family will hold a private burial after the service. rao was with three friends at her home when they snuck vodka from a cabinet and drank the liquor mixed with soda. detectives are waiting for toxicology results to determine the role alcohol may have played in her death. >> the man accused of killing a musician on interstate 80 will be back in court. during the preliminary hearing yesterday, a highway patrol officer told the court one of the four suspects, 19-year-old raul vega, admitted to killing dewey tucker. vega allegedly said he turned sideways in the passenger seat of a stolen car, pointed the gun at tucker's car and fired three to five shots. tucker was shot in the head while driving along i-80 in january of last year.
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>> support continues to pour in for the giants fan beaten almost four months ago outside dodger stadium. another fund-raiser is going to be held for bryan stow. the event will take place at the ramp. this is along the san francisco water front from 3:00 to 7:00 today. kfox radio's rick stuart will broadcast live from this benefit. this restaurant is in mission bay on terry francois street. proceeds help the family pay for his medical expenses. stow remains in serious condition at san francisco general hospital. >> this morning we continue to follow the disappearance of missing east bay nursing student michelle le. the search will continue today and through the weekend. today in the bay's christie smith is live in hayward where the family refuses to give up. the family raised the reward to $100,000 earlier this week. >> reporter: yes, that's right $100,000. for the family this certainly isn't easy organizing volunteer
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searches, physically walking around creeks and hillsides looking for michelle. this is now their sixth search. at 7:30 this morning volunteers are going to come here, those doors that you see there are going to roll up to a community center as they have done before and that's when people start showing up to look for the nursing student who was last seen during a break from her clinical rotation at kaiser medical center in hayward. her family says they just can't give up though hayward police classified this as a likely homicide. the fbi is also involved along with a private investigator that the family is working with. there have been many interviews but no arrests. what really happened to the 26-year-old student is still a mystery. the family will work with the class kids foundation, with their search efforts. we spoke with le's brother michael. >> i just go through the details
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of the briefing, i go through you know, don't look for her, look for her cell phone, for any clues, and be alert. but at the same time i keep praying god, i wish i don't find her out here. this is not the place to find her. >> reporter: of course volunteers are critical to the search that is today and tomorrow. the address is 25350 where volunteers can meet up here on cypress avenue in hayward. the search is from 8:00 to 5:00. again today and tomorrow, you have to be 18 years old to participate with a valid identification and you want to dress to search with long pants and walking shoes. again that reward money now stands at $100,000. reporting live in hayward, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> thank you, christie. new video this morning is fueling the fight over san francisco pensions. >> retirement benefits for city employees. >> this is the way to settle
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that and make money. they cut the school year down, nighttime parking, anything that they can to renegotiate the contract. so they think this is the easy way out. if the you don't want nighttime parking meters all over the city then you have to -- >> sign this one? >> according to the person who posted this video here, that is a signature gatherer looking for support for public defender's pension reform plan. the person who posted the video says the signature gatherers are providing inaccurate and misleading information just to get signatures. the gatherers in the video do not represent the 300 people working on the petition. he has submitted the signatures gathered to the elections office to try and get his pension reform plan on the november ballot. it is a different plan than the one worked out by mayor ed lee with the city unions. >> oakland city crews could see
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cuts. part of the fallout over the city's budget. 56 city employees will be laid off because of budget cuts and union leaders tell the oakland tribune the deepest impacts will be seen in the physical maintenance of the city. another impact, the city's police department will get fewer officers next year. the department's budget is for 636 officers this year, and 588 next year. elected officials will receive a 15% pay cut, and then starting in july of next year, 2012, the fire department will close two fire houses per day on a ro it taing basis. >> put a tighter leash on pg&e or we'll see you in court, that's the message from san francisco to state and federal regulators. city attorney dennis herrera is demanding tighter scrutiny of pipe lines to prevent the possibility of a san bruno-like explosion in the city. pg&e operates three major transmission lines in san
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francisco. the notice sent yesterday is the first step in a potential lawsuit that would force california and the feds to enforce pipe line safety laws. >> 5:08. it's time to say good morning to meteorologist christina loren. how is that weekend looking? >> we've got a great looking weekend on tap especially for outdoor activities. it's not going to be too hot, downright perfect. on shore flow is the reason. we've got the second system of lch that will continue that on shore flow in the bay area. that means we're going to see a foggy start like yesterday and the previous days this week. but the good news is, it's not going to be as foggy so the sun will come through a little bit earlier. that means even in the city of san francisco today, you're going to get sunshine. livermore right now you've got great visibility up to 10 miles, the same for the peninsula. we are expecting these readings to come down throughout the morning but you can see right now from the south bay up through the north bay we have visibility. we have a mostly cloudy sky. so we're going to keep watching
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the fog all morning long. our next system of high pressure is on the way. it's going to continue to push closer and closer to the bay area. as we get closer and closer to this weekend our temperatures will rise as a result. 57 degrees in hayward. 56 in livermore and here is where we're headed toward the end of the day. let's check your drive with mike. >> we're going to take you back out to livermore. i showed you all of that red. that means speeds below 20 where i circled. you see the color changed to yellow, calculating back up to the 50s, that's more likely what we expect. there is construction equipment in the area and slower moving trucks on the side of the road that might be skewing the data. there you go, 15 to 16 minutes out of the area. 680 south into the south bay. a spot southbound 101 approaching 680 showing slow drive coming toward the construction. that might be an issue. the northbound sensors showing a nice drive.
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coming across the bay from the peninsula to the east bay, the san mateo bridge looking nice. we'll jump up to that portion of the bay area. as we get across the water, or maybe oakland, which ever we can get from the live shot. san mateo bridge, as you pass any of those cone zones, the sign on the right says watch out for highway workers, then maybe the oakland shot, coming past the coliseum. i told you about the game today. i forgot about sunday. sunday we are -- big day because here we go. it's 80s day. a huge hero of mine from the 80s. i can't touch that. >> can you see? we're talking about hammer. the hammer bobble head. >> sunday, 80s day, where they will not be playing the l.a. angels of anaheim because in the 80s remember they were called the california angels so they go by that name. and it's going to the first 15,000 fans so there you go request. we got a special sneak peek. apparently i wasn't supposed to
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touch that. too legit to quit. >> stop. hammer time. >> just going on and on. should i admit that i actually saw hammer in concert last year. >> he's a bay area native. used to be a bat boy for the a's. >> he still plays. >> and pants in the studio when it gets colder. >> hammer jammy. a new line. hammer jammies. >> 5:12. a couple of golden state warriors plan to keep playing even if the lockout continues. the new plan working through sacramento that could make california a big player and even bigger in the 2012 presidential election. >> check us out on facebook. nbc bay area news, while there like us and if you happe toee ss the new harry potter movie tell us what you think. how do i deal with joint pain?.
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new icy hot naturals. >> good morning everybody. welcome back. 5:14. this is a live look at the metrian in san francisco where people are inside now watching the latest harry potter movie. there was a 3:30 a.m. showing. popcorn for breakfast. 5:15. california may soon have more say in presidential elections after the legislature approved a bill that makes the state part of the national popular vote movement. the bill's sponsor san mateo assemblyman jerry hill, he's going to talk about the importance of this bill today. if signed by governor jerry brown, california would join the effort to elect presidents with the popular vote. the movement needs 270 electoral votes to become reality f.
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california signs on it brings the total to 132. >> in case you missed it we thought we would show you this next video, a full moon. once the clouds moved out of the way you could see how bright it is. a perfect atmosphere for fans standing outside waiting to see that new harry potter flick. time is 5:16. meteorologist christina loren, i don't know if you strike me as a harry potter fan. >> i love me some potter. if i had my magic wand i would say the fog would go away but don't have magic wand like harry potter. things are looking pretty foggy to start but the great news is, it's not going to be as foggy as yesterday or the day before. we have a warm-up on the way. if you are missing your bay area summer it will be back and back strong as we head through the end of inexweof next week. we're going to see a nice weekend with temps in the low to
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mid 70s. even in the warmest cities across the bay we're the envy of the nation. 55 in oakland, you're on the way to about 65 degrees later on so not much of a temperature spread. the sun will be out, probably by 11:00 a.m. in oakland and san francisco. 73 in livermore today, 73 in gilroy, help you plan your weekend in detail. it's going to be really nice on monday. 79 degrees, 78 degrees on sunday as well. temperatures are just perfect for outdoor activities. you don't have to worry about heat exhaustion until the end of next week. >> 5:17. two golden state warriors make plans to play ball even if the nba lockout continues. stephen curry and dorell wright are considering playing oversea the nba lockout extends into the season. curry says he has his agent looking at the professional league in china to see if he could be picked up by one of their teams. wright says china would be his
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first choice also since he has an endorsement deal with a chinese basketball shoe company. neither player has a deal in place or a destination set in stone. >> 5:17. a soccer invasion in san francisco, where you can go to watch or where you need to stay away from coming up. >> as we drive out of the north bay, typically a lighter volume but look at this slow reading on sensors. i'll explain what's going on. nd spotify.yone wants ggle we'll take a look in tech today.
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>> good morning. it's friday, tgif, 5:20 is the live look over san jose. san francisco will be soccer central this weekend. tomorrow, at&t park will be home to a match between two of the top international men's club
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teams. manchester city from the english premier league and club america from mexico are going to play at 5:00 tonight. we checked. tickets are still available. on sunday, soccer fans can gather in san francisco to see the u.s. women go for the world cup. team usa will play japan on the large screen. game time is 11:45 sunday morning. i'm sure it's going to be busy on the roads in san francisco. let's hope this morning it's friday light. how's it looking? >> pretty good. but that note, saturday around at&t going to be really crowded. more crowded probably than the giants game because we've seen the crowds that gather when mexico plays at oakland so expect similar traffic for that day. sunday a lot of distracted drivers, watching that big screen so watch the streets around the area. we'll take you out to the north bay. we're showing all of that red
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southbound 101, very slow from novato down to san rafael. that's not an indicator of the volume. there is a lot of construction. going to last another 40 minutes, they should clear that up. a lighter volume but slower speeds so still plan on it as if it's a commute time right now if you come out of novato, that mean means. we're also looking to the maze. a lot of space for you to get around through this area. 18 minutes off the carquinez bridge. no major issues for this maze or the approach. caldecott tunnel, the disabled vehicle cleared from that east bound direction. antioch, that's 65 holds up nicely around "l" street for the sensor there. the 57, that's down from 60, over at the pittsburg bay point area. we're watching for that to show unusual slowing, maybe early for a friday through the area which has been a trouble spot for the last couple of weeks off and on.
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we'll take you for a live look. we'll see the bay bridge crossing over from oakland to san francisco. the lower deck notice the flashing lights are gone. notice what you kants see i guess. and that construction is cleared up as well. a live look out there as we see oakland past the coliseum. the lights we're seeing a bump up as far as the head and taillights so increased volume. early for friday but folks get in early, they try to get out early as well. >> good point. 5:23 now. a controversial change in curriculum headed to california classrooms. the history of the gay community meaning gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgenders will now be included in lesson plans. governor brown signed the landmark bill yesterday making california the first state in the country requiring the gay contribution to history be covered in school curriculum. supporters say the bill will teach students to be more accepting of gays and less beindians, opponents argue it is imposing homosexuality on
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families, not comfortable with that lifestyle. >> two passenger planes clipped wings last night on a runway in boston. a spokesman for boston logan says the wing of a delta 767 hit the tail of a smaller delta regional jet while taxiing down the runway. one person complained of neck pains but other than that, no other reports of injuries. both planes were damaged and have been removed from service for inspection. the ntsb is investigating this incident. >> 5:24. watch shares of google today. scott says new ceo larry page passed an important test. >> page is one of the founders, he recently took over again as ceo. wall street was nervous about him because he said from the git-go he was more interested in growing google than pleasing shareholders. well, surprise, he did both. google turned in its quarterly financials yesterday afternoon, the first full report under
5:25 am
page's administration and they were fantastic. total revenue more than $9 billion in three months. page said on a conference call, 10% raises that google employees got worked better than expected. google employees are sticking around. are you on google plus? >> you know, i've gotten invitations. i haven't accepted or -- does that mean -- >> yeah, you're in. so google plus has been popular, spotify has been popular, because you have to have that invitation to get in. it's like a club. you want to see what's on the other side of the rope. look at the jimmy fallon show. >> the best way to overthrow the facebook giant is offer something that's invitation only. everyone's like why didn't i get an invitation? that's outrageous. i want to sign up. like guys, we only sent out 2 or 3 million invitations, sorry. >> good point. seth green there on the show.
5:26 am
google bought a company called punched which does those little cards that you get at coffee shops, buy 10, get one free. they are doing that virtually and google owns them. >> everything on line. >> yes. >> thank you, scott. 5:26. fighting back in one east bay neighborhood. what the city is doing to crack down on crime. >> reporter: i'm live at nasa ames where shortly we'll be taking you live high above the earth where one bay area man is making space history helpi astron,auts astronauts, one of the last space shuttle missions. hi parents, it's going to be such a big school year.
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your kids will each take care of our class hamsters, lewis & clark. then i'll tell them the story of pluto, the sad little planet that was. i'll introduce them to some new friends, the fractions, and some cold blooded ones, the dinosaurs. [sfx: dinosaur growl] clark! anyway, here's what they'll need: markers, scissors, crayons, pencils, folders, juice boxes, pretzel sticks, glue sticks, tape that sticks, and glitter. so much glitter. >> new this morning a car out of control slams through a wall and crashes into a carport in the twin peaks neighborhood. how it all happened, coming up. and the new details of the investigation into how a burned
5:29 am
body ended up in one east bay neighborhood. >> reporter: the family of missing nursing student michelle le not giving up hope. they are launching their sixth search this morning. i'm christie smith. coming up you'll hear live from michelle's brother. >> a live look at hp pavilion in downtown san jose on friday, july 15th. this is "today in the bay." >> good morning. thank you for being with us this morning on this friday morning. laura is off today. i'm marla tellez in for her. tgif. christina loren says it's going to be close to perfect though fog, huh? >> yeah. we got a little fog this morning. we're blowing the fog horn. the good news it's not quite as foggy as it was at this time yesterday. throughout this afternoon our
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temperatures will be cooler, stubborn area of low pressure is providing that foggy start. right now it's not that bad, over the next hour, you're getting ready to hit the highway could be a factor. >> clearly it's tgi fog then. we're looking here, the north bay construction, that's causing the unusual slowing. look at that into san rafael. we've seen the speed shift. the construction crews should be picking up over the next half hour. slow in some spots reduced to one lane out of 137 down to central san rafael. that's an unusual slowdown. we'll watch the rest of the commute coming up. >> it's almost two months since nursing student michelle le was last seen. the search will continue for her this weekend. christie smith joins us live in hayward with michelle le's brother. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, marla. this isn't the first time that volunteers have come here.
5:31 am
they are going to come again this morning at 7:30, they are going to meet up here at the community center. the doors will roll up about 7:30 they will be briefed and head out as they have done before looking for michelle le who disappeared on may 27. here with us this morning is her brother michael. good morning. thanks for being out here so early. can you talk about what area you guys are going to look at? >> i believe we're going to be doubling up efforts in the canyon and we get to the creek more intensive. there is one more area we can't reveal. it's mainly all the areas that we want to double check. >> reporter: you're going to work with the class kids foundation. hayward police have said that they think this is a homicide. you guys continue to search. >> as a family we have to hold out hope because you know, she's our -- daughter of my sister or
5:32 am
cousin, we love her so much and we want her home. >> one of the things i think is amazing now the reward for information about her that might bring her back is at $100,000. how did you do that? >> with the help of the community we've been getting donations and the family has been pulling more donations together. so we want to do everything we can to bring her home. hopefully this higher reward will be enough incentive to -- for someone to come forward with enough information to finally bring her home. >> we understand that the family is working with a private investigator. are you hearing from police on a regular basis? have they updated you on the case? >> we get phone calls every day. wondering how they can help with other things that we're trying to do to be active. they don't really reveal anything about the case. but we understand because of the active investigation. >> reporter: so of course you're asking volunteers to come out and help. this is a search that is
5:33 am
happening today and saturday. we wanted to put the address up there for you. if you are interested in helping out. it's where we're standing here on cypress avenue, the address 25350. the search is all day from 8:00 to 5:00 today and tomorrow. wear long pants, long sleeve shirts, walking shoes, that sort of thing. again, if you have information, the reward money stands at $100,000. christie smith, "today in the bay." >> something no family should have to deal with. thank you. this morning new cameras will be installed in an oakland neighborhood. they are trying to catch crooks in the act. about 30 cameras will be installed inside and outside of businesses in the fruitvale neighborhood. including the restaurant where robbers shot and killed the owner in april. the cameras cover a two-square
5:34 am
mile area. >> in oakland's rock ridge neighborhood police are trying to catch the person who dumped a woman's body in the street and lit it on fire. neighbors are leaving fires at the spot where the woman's body was found yesterday. police say the woman's body is too badly burned to know who she is. at this point all they know she appears to be an hispanic woman in her 20s. >> any one who has information regarding this to call the oakland police department. sometimes that tip can be very small. you may have seen something out of the ordinary. >> the woman was most likely killed somewhere else and then dumped in the rock ridge neighborhood during the early morning hours. officers say the suspect probably chose this neighborhood because it's dark and secluded during those hours. >> 5:34. amazing video of a car that lost
5:35 am
control and went airborne, crashing through an apartment's carport. 65-year-old woman was heading north on twin peaks boulevard when she lost control and hit a parked car, then crashed through the wall of a carport. you can see she landed upside-down on the roof of a parked car. no other people were hurt. if you're familiar with the area you know it's a windy and busy road. >> 5:35. nasa and the astronauts are doing trouble shooting after another computer failure this morning. the same thing happened last sunday as the shuttle linked up with the international space station. the computers are needed when "atlantis" returns to earth next week, wrapping up 30 years of the shuttle era. today in the bay's bob redell joins us live from nasa ames which has played a role which a lot of people may not know.
5:36 am
>> reporter: good morning. you're speaking of that computer malfunction t second one on the mission, yesterday the astronauts were given a chance to get down time. an hour into the nap the alarms went off. they have been able to reboot the software and fix that so that's all square. what they are doing this morning, they have been on and off the screen behind us, doing news interdo yous and in about an hour they are going to do a news conference, the astronauts and a little later they will be speaking with president obama. we're joined by jack boyd, the 135th shuttle mission, the last one. you've been with nasa for 64 years, you had your fingers on all sorts of space programs. do you think it's time? >> it's been exciting 64 years. through the mercury, apollo days, yes, i think it's good to evolve, things go into newer. i think the technology required to explore outer space is what
5:37 am
we're going to concentrate on for the next few years. >> explore, you mean go out unmanned missions? >> i think my belief is unmanned is kind of necessary before manned. i think we'll do that. we've been give at any commission to go to asteroids and to proceed with robotics. i think we'll do that in the next 10 to 15 years. >> i imagine there has to be nostalgia. >> it's always bad to see a program go away. but if you don't keep advancing and doing new things you aren't going to get anywhere. >> thank you very much. we're going to catch up with a couple questions in the next half hour. one person on board now is an astronaut named rex wallheim, born in redwood city, calls san carlos his home.
5:38 am
he is a native of the bay area. reporting live, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> rex is also a grad of uc-berkeley. do me a favor snd tell jack i said hi. >> i had the pleasure of interviewing him last friday. thanks, bob. >> 5:38. we're going to check with meteorologist christina loren. she has a look at your almost perfect forecast. >> good morning. yes, picture perfect in terms of temperature inland, just the low 70s once again today. onshore flow still in control. one of the positive byproducts of onshore know in our area is good air quality. we're going to see that through the weekend and the start of next week until this ridge of high pressure starts to ramp up. we're going to see slowly rising temperatures throughout this weekend and probably through wednesday. then they jump up. high pressure firmly in control at the end of next week it will be hot. hey, we've had such a nice break
5:39 am
and a lot of the nation right now under excessive heat watches and warnings from the dakotas through texas. you'll probably hear about that on the "today" show. 54 degrees now in napa. you're on the way to about 76 later on, 65 for you in oakland and 71 in san jose. really nice day. you're going to be traveling into southern california this morning, watch out for fog. a lot of fog to develop over the next couple of hours. mike and i are watching that all morning long. speaking of which hello there, mikey. >> hello. i'm watching the fog and a little foggy this morning. we're looking getting through antioch well. i'm going to circle the area around where we see speeds start to slow. i saw the 50s over the last 10 minutes. then it cleared up. 52 showing slowing. so we'll watch for that. it's slower this morning as are most of us. the maze at a smooth drive. the caldecott tunnel clear.
5:40 am
680, 24, a nice drive. we'll zoom in, 72 for 880 north of the coliseum. speeds are get a so watch for chp watching for you. we'll look at the live shot. oakland shows a bump in the volume. the moisture in the air making these -- these sensors close to the limit and another hive look out there, we'll see how things are shaping up from 880 over to the peninsula t taillights move, the fog may be an issue. 101 and 280 no problem between the city and the south bay. good stuff. >> thanks, mike. the three of us along with everybody else of course we want to make a special request to our generous nbc bay area viewers, that's you at home. we'll be hosting a food drive with our community partners at safeway tomorrow. for $10 you can donate a bag of food that will provide meals for a family in need.
5:41 am
we know times are tough but we ask you to give what you can and we thank you in advance. >> 5:40. carmageddon is here. a live report on the freeway nightmare. plus, a new airline regulation about to go into effect. a new development in the case of the man accused of walking into t withfrancisco art gallerynd stch.
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>> is your luggage lost or just late? under new airline rules set to go into effect next month it makes a huge difference. kristen dahlgren is live in washington with the details for us. good morning. >> hey, marla. these laws are supposed to protect passengers who paid baggage fees and never get their
5:44 am
bags. passengers are upset because it only applies to lost luggage. you never get it. if your bag is just delayed, doesn't get there the same time as you do, even a few days late you still won't get reimbursed for whatever you paid the airline in baggage fees. a lot of people upset. the air transport association says if airlines did have to pay every time a bag was delayed and reimburse passengers the fees they would have to start charging more for everyone. the worst for mishandling baggage in may 2011, american, southwest, continental, alaska and united all airlines, though, had reports of at least 1,000 mishandled bags in may of 2011. and listen to this. the fees that airlines collected for baggage last year, $3.4 billion. that's billion with a "b." >> to think we have to pay for
5:45 am
pretty much anything on the flight. thank you for that. >> this morning police in marin city are investigating at least six robberies in one month near the same bus stop. this happened in the middle of the day tuesday on terner's drive. three men robbed an ice cream truck driver at gunpoint. most of the other muggings have happened at night. county lawmakers say they are looking to improve lighting. the work could start in september and may wrap up by thanksgiving. carmageddon starts this morning. a major freeway in l.a. now closed. john cadiz klemack is live with a look for us. how's it looking? >> reporter: so far so good. 7:00 tonight is when they start closing the on and off ramps. 10 mile stretch between the 101 on the north and the 10 on the
5:46 am
south. who knows, it might impact traffic. it is possible considering how many people use this freeway every day. it's perhaps a good thing it's happening on the weekend and good that we're talking about this for months how the closure is going to affect people. give extra business to some of the local businesses near their own neighborhoods. there are some people giving a lot of promotions and discounts for folks who stay close to home. in pasadena the rose bowl has a big event with food trucks for people that come out. free parking. just the food you're going to be eating. the big thing this weekend is what are you going to do to avoid this? if you need to come through what do you need to do? there is going to be traffic. you have to be ready for that. keeping an eye on what they are doing, redoing the bridge, the major bridge across the freeway here, cut it in half and take chunks off. 53 hours is how long, all way
5:47 am
from the time they close it off at midnight until it's supposed to ap at 5:00 monday morning. if they don't open it on time, the contractors are going to be fined $72,000 for every hour past 5:00 a.m. on monday. it behoove them to get it done quickly. it's possible we'll hear sunday afternoon or night this they may be able to open even earlier than 5:00mond. that's the latest. i'm john cadiz klemack. >> it was a big deal when we closed the bay area, i can only imagine what it's like down there. thank you, john. 5:47. the man accused of smashing a picasso is expected in court to answer to the charges. it may be the first of many. police say mark lugo had a stash of stolen art work in his new jersey apartment including another picasso. the loot is valued at about $500,000. one expert says if lugo did
5:48 am
steal the art he's not working alone. >> it seems to me it would be unusual for someone to know that a drawing by picasso, a water chor or drawingly leget, that these would be something worth stealing zhxt the man alluded to the fact that lugo is a smolia. lugo is expected to face new charges in new york. >> one of the biggest movies opened in theaters at midnight. yes, we're talking about harry potter. the final installment in the eight-part series sold out for at least 6,000 midnight showings nation wide. and cast a spell on fans, the metreon in san francisco. we caught up with a few of them to see what they thought.
5:49 am
>> i have been a harry potter fan. >> i did enjoy it. it was the ends of an era. i grew up with the characters. >> we've got a discussion going on, on our facebook page. we want to know what you think. what did you think of the series. coming to an end take a search for nbc bay area morning news, click the like button. we'll read some of them later in the show. 5:49. you know what, i don't know if that makes me bad or not. christina, you have a look at the forecast. >> not into magic? >> i am. i wish i had a wand. don't we all. we can make a clear drive for you but unfortunately it's going to get worse before it gets better. talking about the fog. it's the fog that's keeping temperatures cool and keeping you from using your air
5:50 am
conditioner. throughout the weekend it will start to gradually warm up in every city across the bay area but not by much. tacking on a couple of degrees now through wednesday. what that means is cooler than normal temperatures prevail. if you want to get out, take the dog for a walk, we have good air consult. right now the fog is not impacting your drive yet. we're seeing it mostly above the highway over the next hour or two. that's when it starts to get the worst when we start hooking for fog around the bay area. 56 degrees in san jose. 53 in santa cruz. today headed to the city for work you'll see the sun come through earlier. 60 at noon, mix of sun and clouds, by 4:00 p.m., 64 degrees with a strong sea breeze. more of a breeze today than yesterday. later on across the bay. 75 in santa rosa.
5:51 am
64 degrees in san francisco. i bumped you up about 2 degrees from yesterday. headed toward the weekend. they start to ramp up. can kch the giants here as they hopefully beat the padres once again. back to you. >> nail biter last night. 5:51. the a's start the second half of the season. they are at home hosting the angels. the giants play the padres tonight, coming off a big win in san diego. aubrey huff hit a home run to tie up the game. things stayed scoreless until the 14th when there was the go-ahead run. is that huff? okay. here we go. giants win, 6-2.
5:52 am
game two is tonight at 7:05. you can see it as christina mentioned. our coverage starts at 7:00 but show up for the news at 6:00. raj and jess and stick around for the 11:00 news after the game. tonight happens to be the finale of friday night lights. >> you may never know how proud i am of you. >> the football drama is set in the town of dylan, texas. we'll take its final bow on a high note. it was nominated for three emmys including the best actor nod. we'll be showing the games. all the action of friday night lights on kron tv that starts at 8:00. 5:52. the commute to work is easier for some riders getting wi-fi on board. >> must we've got real life angry birds. >> cool. no. scott's going to throw it at me.
5:53 am
a nice drive for the minimum its betwe p.u cohow up. that gets icy to dull pain, hot to relax it away fast. new icy hot naturals.
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5:55 am
>> welcome back. you'll now have access to free wi-fi if you catch the light rail in the south bay. the transportation authority says that wi-fi service is up and running after a week of testing. the vta says it's the first mass transit agency in the world to offer an all 4-g network to passengers which is fitting since lines run through the heart of sill you convalley. express buses should get free wi-fi by early 2012.
5:56 am
the guy who always has his eye on the light rail and the roads, mike, how's the commute looking? >> pretty good. light rail no delays. you have faster service on the light rail than in my home internet. construction zone had slowing jamming things from 37 down to the san rafael bridge. look at that, we cleared the icon. the commute just getting started for the north bay in that portion. show you the golden gate bridge south. it's fog is not the issue. but the low clouds are hanging around so we'll watch that as well as the bay bridge. looking a little gray. as well as the san mateo and dumbarton bridges. carmageddon in the south bay might affect us if you head down there or have friends in the area. check and look for carmageddon. >> the fbi is going to
5:57 am
investigate news corp. here in america as part of the hacking scandal in england. scott has more. >> news corp. owns fox news channel and "the wall street journal." those are not part of the investigation that we know of. but the fbi will report, say, whether british reporters working for news of the world hacked into the accounts of americans victim of the 9/11 attacks. i is aty "wall street journal" is in the clear but we should note the former head of news of the world is the current head of "the wall street journal." our gadget are angry birds in real life. >> i said it looked like an easter peep. >> this is real life. it comes in this game called angry birds knock on wood. you click them and knock them over. there you go. no sound effects.
5:58 am
>> 5:57. stay with us for our 6:00 hour. please. [ man ] i got this new citi thankyou card
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